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What are carbohydrates made from? 

  • Carbohydrates are polymers. 
  • The monomers of carbohydrates are monasaccharides. 

Polysacharide information:

  • Monasaccharides are joined by glocsidic bonds. 
  • During synthesis a hydrogen atom on one monosaccharide bonds to a hydroxyl (OH) group on the other. This reaction is a condensation reaction.
  • The reverse reation is hydrolysis. 
  • A disacharide = 2 monosaccharides
  • A polysaccharide= 2+ monosaccharides

Functions of Carbohydrates:


  • Starch is the main energy store material in plants
  • They store excess glucose as starch
  • Starch is insoluble- It does not cause water to enter cells making it good for storage
  • Starch


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