Carbohydrates 1: Simple Sugars

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Carbohydrates in Living Organism 

Make  up 10% of organic matter in a cell, functions of carbohydrates:

  • Energy source - respiration
  • Energy store - e.g. starch
  • Structure - e.g. Cellulose

Some may also form larger molecules such as nucleic acids!

Carbohydrates contains carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. It basically means hydrated carbon. For every carbon present in a carbohydrate, the equivalent of a water molecule is also present!

Simple Sugars

 Simple Carbohydrates are called Monosaccharides. These are the monomers of carbohydrates. Larger carbohydrates are made by joining these Monosaccharides together. Number of different monosaccharides, each contaning between 3 and 6…




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