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Monosaccharide chains make up Carbohydrates

Alpha Glucose ( H on top, OH below), one CH2OH

Beta Glucos (OH on top, H below) one CH2OH

Glycosidic Bonds between two monosaccharide chains

Condensation when 2 monosaccharides bond together, H20 formed

Hydrolysis, when polysaccharide chain breaks, forms 2 monosaccharides H20 added back in.

Maltose- Gluscose+ Gluscose

Sucrose- Glucose+ Fructose

Lactose- Glucose+ Galactose

Fructose- Pentagon type shape, still has 5 carbon atoms, 2 CH2OH, one H, OH, one OH H.

Galacose- same shape as Glucose, One H,OH, One…


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