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Monosaccharides are single subunits (monomers), which make larger carbohydrates.  Glucose, galactose and fructose are the most common monosaccharides.  They all have the formula C6 H12 O6, it is the arrangement of the atoms that makes them differ.


There are two structural isomers of glucose, called Alpha and Beta.



The difference between Alpha and Beta glucose is that on the first carbon, the OH (hydroxide group) is either above or below the ring.  In Alpha it's below and in Beta it's above.

Condensation Reaction

Monosaccharides link together by a condensation reaction, which removes water and forms a glycosidic bond through the remaing oxygen.


There are three common disaccharides, which are: maltose, sucrose and lactose

Maltose: Alpha glucose and Alpha glucose

Sucrose: Glucose and


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