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Making A Case – How Psychology Can Inform the Investigative Process

Creating A Profile


3.3 Case Study


Canter –John Duffy – The Railway ******


–    1975-1986

v   23 women were *****

v   All aged between 15 and 32

v   Happened at railway stations in and around London

–    Canter became interested after reading reports.

–    1980s two police officers were appointed to assist him in drawing up a criminal profile.

–    He placed all the cases on a map to speculate where the ****** might live.

–    He categorised perpetrators as:

v     Marauders – strike from within their home

v      Commuters – travel away from home


Preliminary Profile


–    Residence

v   Has lived in the areas circumscribed by the first three cases since 1983

v   Probably lived in that area at the time of arrest

v   Probably lives


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