Cann, Cognitive Thinking Skills

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Enhanced Thinking Skills:

-Gets offenders to look at how they react to problems and other people. -They learn a new approach to the way they think and solve problems and the aim is to help and stop re-offending. -There are 20 sessions, each running for 2 and a half hours each.

Reasoning and Rehabilitation:

-R&R is available in 23 adult prisons and aims to develop prisoners’ cognitive skills. -Prisoners are chosen for the programme if they have sufficiently high IQ ( must be 80+) and basic literacy skills. -The programme targets thinking style, self control or impulsivity, interpersonal problem-solving, critical reasoning, moral reasoning and social perspective taking. -The programme lasts for 36 sessions of 21/2 hours each, with assignments for prisoners to work on between sessions.

Cann: The impact of cognitive skills programmes in reducing re-conviction.

Aim: To investigate if cognitive skills programmes were effective in terms of lower re-offending rates for a sample of female prisoners.

Sample: 180 female


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