C&D - Moral Panics

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  • Report on a specific event - label - problem or threat.
  • Sensationialist, exaggerated headline and emotive language - threat to the moral order of society.
  •  Describing and commenting on symbols normally associated with the group. Differentiate the group from mainstream.
  • Predict more trouble.
  • Reinforces public anxiety - police stamp down hard. Self fulfilling prophecy - more people are attracted to the group because of the media interest or the group resist the attempts to control it which leads to more arrests
  • . The media actually create or make worse the very problems they originally condemned. The causes of moral panics:
  •  (a) Social change and moral crisis - the interactionist perspective Arise when society is undergoing a 'moral crisis'.
  •  Linked to some sort of social change or modernisation.
  •  Youth as an age category becoming a distinctive consumer group with values, norms or behaviour, consumption patterns and…


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