C&D - Experimental Method of Research

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The experiment is the main means of conducting research in the natural sciences.

  • It is used to test hypotheses in laboratory conditions in which all variables or possible causes are under the control of the researcher.
  • The laboratory allows the researcher to manipulate possible variables or causes to test the hypthesis.
  • It allows the researcher to isolate possible causes or independant variables that result in particular effects or dependant variables.
  • Usually the experimenter will set up 2 groups that we are alike in every possible way - the control group (which is subjected to normal conditions) and the experimental group (which has its conditions manipulated).
  • For example, if the experimenter was interested in what makes pigs fat, he might change the condition of the pig sty of the experimental group of pigs and then compare that experiemental group with the control group to see whether there was any difference in weight.
  • If there is no change…


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