California- A Multihazard Area

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California- A Multihazard Area

California is affected by a large number of natural hazards and struggles with the many devestating consequences.

  • Earthquakes
  • Drought
  • Flooding
  • Wild Fires
  • Coastal Subsidence
  • Land/Mud Slides

Massive areas along the coast are affected by a network of faults. The San Andreas Fault line is very extensive and has only recently been mapped by scientists. There is some volcanic activity but only in the north of the country and it does not affect many people. The subduction zone is fairly old and dormant.

( In 2014 there was a magnitude 6.0 earthquake. Around 170 people were injured by falling rubble and 6 critically injured. There were also extensive fires caused by damaged gas pipes. 69,000 gas customers were less without access to gas in their homes. There were at least 12 noticable aftershocks that prevented aid…


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