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  • Computer Aided Design
  • e.g. SketchUp, 2D Design, solid works
  • Involves designing products on a computer
  • CAD packages include 2D drawing software and 3D modelling software


  • Computer Aided Manufacture
  • It's the process of manufacturing products with the help of computers
  • CAD software works out the coordinates of ech point on the drawing. These are called x,y,z coordinates
  • CAM machines are CNC (computer numerically controlled) - they can follow the x,y,z coordinates and move the tools to cut out or build up your design

Input devices include tablets, keyboards, mice, and pens.

Output devices include digital printers, CNC milling machines, CNC routers, vinyl cutter, and die cutters.

Hardware - machinery that supports software programmes

Software - programmes used by your computer

Device - any type of hardware

Input device - device that allows data to be entered into a computer

Output device - device that


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