C8- Chemical Analysis

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Purity and Formulations

Purity= something that contains only one compound or element throughout - not mixed with anything else.

The melting and boiling point tells us how pure a substance is...

A chemically pure substance will melt or boil at a specific temperature. You can test the purity of a sample by measuring the melting or boiling point and comapring it with the melting or boiling point of the pure substance. The closer your measured value is to the actual melting and boiling point, the purer your sample is.

Formulations= mixtures with exact amounts of components. They are useful mixtures with a precise purpose that are made following a formula. Each component is present in a measured quantity and contributes to the properties of the formulation so that it meets its required function.

For example Paint...

1. Pigment= gives the paint the colour

2. Solvent= used to dissolve the other components and alter the viscosity

3.Binder= forms a film that holds the pigment in place after its been painted on

4.Additives= added to further change…


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