C7 - Alcohols

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> Alcohols have an -OH fuctional group and end in -ol. The general formula for an alcohol is CnH2N+1OH. You need to know about the first two alcohols Methanol and Ethanol. Methanol has the formula CH3OH. Ethanol has the formula C2H5OH. The -OH at the end is called the fuctional group. All alcohols have similar properties since they all have the  -OH fuctional group.

> The similarites and differences between Alcohols, Alkanes and Water. 

  • Both ethanols and Alkanes are soluble in water.
  • Ethanol and water are both good solvents
  • The  boiling point of Ethanol is 78 degress C. This is lower than the boiling point of water which is 100 degress C, but much higher than the boiling point of a similar size


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