C7 Summary Notes

  • Polymers - made from many monomers creating long chains of repeating units

  • Addition reaction- when 2 molecules combine to form a large molecule with no other product

  • Addition polymers- made from  unsaturated monomers creating long molecules resulting in polymerisation

  • Condensation polymers- made of 2 different monomers, with lots of small molecules



  • These are made only from hydrogen and carbon atoms

  • Shorter hydrocarbons have a lower boiling point

  • All carbon atoms have 4 bonds


  • all single bonds. c-c single bonds

  • The first 4 are: methane, ethane, propane, butane

  • The general rule is CnH2n+2


  • have two fewer hydrogen atoms than an alkane with the same number of carbon atoms

  • contain a


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