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Chemical Patterns C4

Atoms,elements and the Periodic Table

Many scientists,worked to organise elements into patterns based on their properties.

Mendeleev's ideas formed the basis for the Periodic Table.

The Periodic Table arranges atoms in order of their proton number.

Atoms Contain :

Protons,neutrons and electrons.

PROTONS:Have a charge of +1 and a mass of 1

NEUTRONS:Have a charge of  0 and a mass of 1

ELECTRONS:Have a charge of -1 and a mass almost zero

Each Elements Has A Unique Flame Test Colour and Line Spectrum.

Electrons And The Periodic Table

Electrons are arranged in shells around the nucleus and can be shown using electron arrangements.

Each shell holds a maximum number of electrons.

A period is a row across the Periodic Table.There are trends in properties from left to right.e.g metals to non metals.

A group is the


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