C3- organic chemistry

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structures of alcohols, carboxyclic acids and esters

  • organic molecules form the basis of living things and contain carbon atoms
  • series of molecules that have a general formula are called homologous series e.g. alkane and alkene
  • alchohols have functional group -O-H 
  • displayed formula of methanol=
  • structural formula of methanol= CH3OH
  • carboxcylic acids have functional group -COOH
  • displayed formula of ethanoic acid=(http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-FufstZ4-IpA/UiMDK0zy-II/AAAAAAAAAGM/navpF4-C6wU/s1600/Acetic_acid.png)
  • structural formula of ethanoic acid=CH3COOH
  • esters have the functional group -COO-
  • ethylethanoate displayed formula=(http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/2/27/Ethyl-acetate-2D-flat.png)
  • ethylethanoate structural formula=C4H8O2

properties and uses of alcohols

  • alcohols with smaller molecules such methanol and ethanol mix well with water and produce natural solutions
  • acohols are useful solvents because substances dissolve in them
  • ethanol is main alcohol in wine and beer
  • alcohols burn in air to…


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