C2(iii) - Using Ions in Solution 1.

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Acids and Alkalis.

The pH Scale and Universal Indicator.


pH 1 = Car battery acid or stomach acid.

pH 3 = Vinegar or Lemon Juice.

pH 4 = Acid rain.

pH 5 = Normal rain.

pH 7 = Pure water.

pH 9 = Washing-up liquid.

pH 10 = Pancreatic juice.

pH 11 = Soap powder.

pH 12 = Bleach.

pH 14 = Caustic soda (drain cleaner).

An Indicator is Just a Dye That Changes Colour.

The dye in the indicator changes colour depending on whether it's above or below a certain pH. Universal indicator is a very useful combination of dyes which gives the colours shown above. it's very useful for estimating the pH of a solution.

The pH Scale Goes From 0


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