C2(ii) - Rates of Reaction 7.

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Reversible Reactions.

A reversible reaction is one where products of the reaction can react with each other and covert back to the original reactants. In other ways it can go both ways.

 A reversible reaction is one where the products of the reaction can themselves react to produce the original reactants.

                                             A + B (http://open.jorum.ac.uk/xmlui/bitstream/handle/123456789/975/Items/equalibrium.gif) C + D

Reversible Reactions Will Reach Dynamic Equilibrium.

1) If a reversible reaction takes place in a closed system then a state of equilibrium will always be reached.

2) Equilibrium means that the relative (%) quantities of reactants and products will reach a certain balance and stay there. (A "closed system" just means that none of the reactants or products can escape.)

It is in fact a DYNAMIC EQUILIBRIUM, which means the reactions are still taking place in both directions, but the overall


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