C2(ii) - Rates of Reaction 1.

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Rates of Reactions.

Reactions Can Go at All Sorts of Different Rates.

1) One of the slowest is the rusting of iron.

2)  A moderate speed reaction is metal (like magnesium) reacting with acid to produce a gentle stream of bubbles.

3) A really fast reaction is an explosion, where it's all over in a fraction of a second.

The Rate of a Reaction Depends of Four Things:

1) Temperature.

2) Concentration - (or pressure for gases).

3) Catalysts.

4) Size of Particles - (or surface area).

Typical Graphs for Rate of Reaction.

The plot below shows how the speed of a particular reaction varies under different conditions. The quickest reaction is shown by the line that becomes flat in the least time. The…


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