C2(i) - Bonding and Reactions 2.

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Elements, Compounds and Isotopes.

Elements Consist of One Type of Atom Only.

Quite a lot of everyday substances are elements such as copper, aluminium, iron, oxygen and nitrogen.

Compounds Are Chemically Bonded.

1) Compounds are formed when two or more elements chemically react together. For example, carbon dioxide is a compound formed from a chemical reaction between carbon and oxygen.


Carbon + Oxygen -----> Carbon Dioxide

C + OO -----> OCO (CO2)

2) It's difficult to separate the two original elements out again. 

3)The properties of a compound are totally different from the properties of the original elements.

4) If iron and sulfur react to form iron sulfide, the compound formed is a grey solid lump, and doesn't behave anything like either…


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