C2(i) - Bonding and Reactions 1.

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There are quite a few models of an atom but the most popular model is the nuclear model. You can use it to explain pretty much the whole of chemistry.


The Nucleus:

1) It's in the middle of the atom.

2) It contains protons and neutrons.

3) It has a positive charge because of the protons.

4) Almost the whole mass of the atom is concentrated in the nucleus.

5) But size-wise it's tiny compared to the rest of the atom.

The Electrons:

1) Move around the nucleus.

2) They're negatively charged.

3) They're tiny, but they cover a lot of space.

4) The volume of their orbits determines how big the atom is.

5) They have virtually no mass.

6) They occupy shells around the nucleus.

7) These shells explain the whole of chemistry.

Atoms are really tiny,


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