C2 Chemical Resources


C2: Chemical Resources

A chemical reaction is where one or more reactants make one or more products.

A molecule is made up of more than one atom joined together.


Metal-Metal --> Metallic (free/delocalised electrons)

Metal-Non-metal --> Ionic (transfer of electrons)

Non-metal-Non-metal --> Covalent (sharing electrons)

Earth Structure:


This was difficult to find out because the crust is too thick to cut through. Earthquakes and man made explosions sent waves to detect and predict Earth structure.



These went together because the different fossils matched up. Scientists looked at different fossils of different contients and compared them.

Plate Tectonics:

  • Made of core and outer mantle
  • Moves about 2.5cm a year
  • Moved by convection currents in the mantle

A plate is pulled along as fluid cools and sinks and becomes more dense. The hot fluid rises because it is less dense. The combination of the two drag the plate along.

Subduction - Oceanic plate is more dense and therefore sinks down. The continental plate rises as it is less dense and the plates move over each other.

1914 - Wegener had the theory but no-one believed it

1960 - More evidence and people believed it

The Earth's outer surface or crust is made


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