C2-rates and energy

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how fast

  • rate of the reaction is the speed of the reaction
  • it can be found by measuring how much reactant is used or by how much product is formed (and by measuring the time for these two to happen)
  • rate of reaction=amound of reactant used/time OR amount of product found/time
  • can also measure the time taken for solids to form in solutions or gases to be given off
  • rate of reaction can be found by the gradient on a graph- steeper=faster

collision theory and surface area

  • reactions can only happen if particles collide but thats not enough- the particles must collide with enough energy and force to reach the activation energy and change into new substances
  • factors that enhance collisions:
  • temp
  • concentration
  • pressure
  • surface area of solids- breaking large pieces of a solid into smaller pieces exposes new surfaces so more collisions can occur
  • catalysts

effect of temperature

  • increases the kinetic energy of the particles so they move faster and collide more often
  • they collide with more energy so more collisions are sucessful
  • temp rise…


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