C1b Chemistry GCSE Acids

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Hydrochloric Acid

  • The stomach produces hydrochloric acid(HCL) to help with digestion. The enzymes in the stomach work best in an acidic envoronment.
  • Having acid in the stomach helps to kill bacteria- reducing risk of food poisoning.
  • Indigestion is caused by too much hydrochloric acid in the stomach. Indigestion tablets contain bases such as calcium carbonate, which neutralise the excess acid.

Reactions of Acids

Metal oxides and metal hydroxides are often bases, this means they can be neutralised with acids to form a salt and water.

acid+metal hydroxide reacts to form salt+water

acid+metal oxide reacts to form salt+water

The combination of metal and acid decidee the salt.

Hydrochloric acid+ copper oxide reacts to form copper chloride +water

Sulfuric acid+ zinc hydroxide reacts to form zinc sulfate + water

Nitric acid + potassium hydroxide reacts to form potassium nitrate + water

Metal carbonates give salt+water+carbon dioxide

e.g. sulfuric acid+ copper carbonate


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