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C1a- Making crude oil useful

Fossil Fuels

^ Crude oil, coal, natural gas^

^^are formed naturally over millions of years

^^^are finite and non-renewable because they are used up faster than they can be formed

^^^^all easily extracted


^found in earth's crust

^^Transported to refineries in oil tankers.

^^^ Accidents cause oil spills from tankers and oil floats on sea's surface. Can harm wildlife/damage beaches

^affects birds; feathers get stuck together

^^ detergents are used to break up oil slicks; chemicals used can be toxic and can harm/kill wildlife


Crude oil; mixture of many HYDROCARBONS < a molecule made up of only hydrogen and carbon atoms

HYDROCARBONS < have different boiling points. 

^crude oil can be separated into useful fractions that…



i absolutely love get revising !!!!! need to do anything possible to get A*'s in my chemistry exam, toodles !! thanks for the post, really helpfull

Daniel Howe

thank you so much for this! really has the key information, well done!

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