C1.6 Plant Oils and their uses

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Extracting Vegetable Oils

Many plants contain plant oils which can be very useful to us. We can use plant oils for food and fuels and many other things too. Plant oils can come from the nuts, fruits and seeds of the plant. To extract the oil we often have to crush the plant material. Then we have to either press it to squeeze out the oil or remove it by distillation using steam. Finally any impurities or water are removed from the plant.

Vegetable oils are important foods because they give us lots of energy. They also give us other important nutrients, for eample, sunflower oil is rich in vitamin C.

Vegetable oils can be used as fuels called BIOFUELS. They can be burned on their own, or can be mixed with other fuels. They are known as green fuels and are better for the enviroment.

Hardening Vegetable Oils

  • Hydrogen gas is passed trough the oil, warming to about 60°C


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