BY5.8 Selective Breeding

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Artificial Selection;

  • breeding only from organisms that show desirbale characteristics
  • carried out by humans to obtain plants/animals with the characterisitcs that humans require
  • may take many years to develop such an organism
  • produces organisms of the same species but often decribed as different breeds of varieties
  • 2 basic methods:
    • inbreeding
    • outbreeding
  • inbreeding: gametes of close relative fuse
  • increases the chances of harmful recessive genes expressing themseves since there is a greater chance of a double recessive individual occuring
  • known as inbreeding depression
  • at intervals it may be necessary to introduce new genes via outbreeding
  • outbreeding: cross breeding of unrelated varieties
  • introduces hybrid vigour where organisms sometimes grow more strongly
  • new sets of chromosomes are complementary in effect

5 main steps in breeding programmes:

  • look for individuals with…


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