BY5.8 Overfishing

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  • fishing nets are indiscriminate
  • thousands of fish get killed needlessly as they're not what the fishers intended to catch
  • overfishing can affect fish stocks as well as fisherman's livelihoods

commercial fishing:

  • fish that live in the upper parts of the water are cuaght by drift netting
  • this involves suspending a net between 2 boats so the fish swim into it
  • once caught the fish can only escape if they fit through the mesh
  • fish that live in the deeper parts of the water are caught by trawling
  • this involves dragging a large net through the water and catching whatever is in the way
  • nets with very smal mesh are banned as they catch young fish before they are mature enough to reproduce

effects of overfishing on other wildlife:

  • overfishing of a particualr species has a knock on effect on the efood…


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