BY5.6 Genetic Fingerprinting


Genetic Fingerprinting

  • 90% DNA on human chromosome has no function
  • individuals acquire different sequences of non fucntional DNA
  • vary in length but consist of sequences of bases, 20-40 bases long, often repeated many times
  • unique lenghts or non coding DNA are called hyper varibale regions (HVR) or short tandem repears (STRs)
  • number og time the lenghts are repeated is used to show the difference between individuals
  • DNA is extracted from the sample and cut into small fragments using restriction endonculeases
  • DNA is separated using electrophoresis
  • the smaller the fragmen, the farther it moves and DNA becomes eparated into bands according to fragment size
  • trough containing the gel is covered with a nylon membrane and the fragments are transferred to it by a process called Southern Blotting
  • nylon membrane…


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