BY5.3 Seed Development and Germination

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Development of seed and fruit:

  • occurs following fertilisation
  • seed develops from fertilised ovule and contains embryonic plant and food store
  • diploid zygote divides by mitosis to from teh embryo
  • embryo has a plumule (developing shoot) and radicle (developing root) and cotyledons
  • food store develops to feed the developing embryo
  • ovary becomes the fruit
  • ovule becomes the seed

Seed structure:

  • flowering plants are either mono or dicotyledons
  • monocotyledons include cereals and maize
  • dicotyledons include broad beans
  • in broad beans, the food store is absorbed into the cotyledons
  • in maize, the food store surrounds the leaves


3 requirements for successful germination

  • suitable temperature:
    • optimum temperature for…


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