BY4.7 Drugs

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psychoactive drug: a chemical substance that acts primarily on teh CNS and alters brain function causing chnages in perception, mood, consciousness and behaviour

sustained use can lead to physical dependencae and addiction (suffering from withdrawal symptoms when the cycle is interrupted)

drugs that influence transmission of nerve impulses across synapses can be divided into 2:

  • excitory: amplify the proces of synaptic transmission
  • inhibitory: (e.g. beta blockers) modify the effects that neurotransmitters have on the post synaptic membrane

a breakdown in transmission can be caused by inhibiting enzymes that mimic the action of neurotransmitters as they hhvae the same shape and affect the posy synaptic neurone in the same way

Organophosphorous insecticides:

  • block the enzyme that breaks down neurotransmitters
  • prolong the…


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