BY4.6 Osmoregulation and ADH

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Osmoregualtion and ADH

water is lost through urine, sweating, keeping exchange surfaces moist and faeces

  • the permeability of the CD and DCT is subject to hormonal control
  • ADH makes the walls of the CD and DCT more permeable so more water is reabsorbed making the urine concentraton hypertonic
  • amount of H2O reabsorbed is controlled by a feedback system
  • a fall in water potential of the blood leads to a reduced water intake, sweating and an increased intake of salts
  • concentration is sodium chloride in the blood is a direct indicator of the volume of H2O in the body
  • osmoregulation occurs

Adapations to living in different environments:

the environemtn an animal lives in affects the type of nitrogenous waste…


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