BY4.2 Anaerobic Respiration (Fermentation and Lactic Acid)

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Anaerobic Respiration

  • obligate aerobe: needs oxygen for metabolism, dies in the absence of oxygen
  • obligate anaerobe: metabolises in the absence of oxygen, dies in the resence of oxygen
  • facultative anaerobe: can metabolise with or without oxygen, can survive in the presence or in the absence of oxygen

in the absence of oxygen:

  • only glycolysis can occur
  • NADH (and FADH2) can't be reoxidised so can't pick up more hydrogen ions
    • therefore the link reacton and the krebs cycle can't occur
  • there is a very small yield of ATP


  • produce lactic acid
  • pyruvate becomes the hydroegn acceptor

Plants and Fungi:


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