BY2 adaptations for transport specification

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Adaptations for Transport

(a) A comparison of the vascular systems of animal groups: Insects - open circulatory system, dorsal tube shaped heart, lack of respiratory gases in blood. Vascularisation of earthworm, closed circulatory system and pumps, carriage of respiratory gases in blood.

(b) Mammalian circulatory system- double circulatory system compared with single circulation in the fish. The names of the main blood vessels associated with the human heart. Structure and function of heart and blood vessels. The cardiac cycle and the maintenance of circulation to include graphical analysis of pressure changes. Role of sinoatrial node and Purkinje fibres.

(c) The function of red blood cells and plasma in relation to transport of respiratory gases, dissociation curves of haemoglobin of mammal (adult and fetus). Dissociation curves of animals adapted to low…


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