By 1914, what factors had shaped Russia's attitude towards the outside world?

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Since Russia's empire covered large areas of land, they felt they were under threat from other central and south eastern European countries. For example: 
-Unification of Germany 1871 was a threat to Russia becuase implied that central Europe would be domindated by a power and ambitious nation, eager to expand eastwards. Therefore, it was a threat because Germany would become more powerful, and would make Russia much more vulnerable, especially in any future wars
-Decline of he Ottoman Empire meant that Turkey would then be challenged by national movements wanting to seek independence, making it harder for Russia to fullfill their interests in the Balkans (see below)
-The formation of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1867 caused great concerns for Russia as it would mak Austria a lot stronger and could possibly continue to expand into south east Europe.

THEREFORE, Russia had changed their attitudes due to the competition and general interest of land in order to expand their control. Also, because if those countries and empires were to gain more land, then they would pose a greater threat to Russia due to their increase in power, resources and geographical benefits in a potential war. 


-The fall of


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