By 1516, F + I bought limited unity to Spain

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Define key word, unity: control, increase in royal authority through fear/respect. Bringing all of 'Spain' under the control of F + I creating one harmonious state (in theory). 

Political Unity: Gained control over nobility

Political Disunity: They were not united due to failure to gain full control, not unity when there is still threats to their crown

Religious Unity: Closer to a Catholic 'Spain'

Religious Disunity: Still religious threats to the crown

Judgement: Overall, whilst F + I gained unity by 1526, it wasn't solidified by F's death.

Political Unity: Nobility controlled

  • Letrados replaced nobles on councils: by 1493 all were replaced by those with 10 years experience.
  • Correigores collected tax that would go straight to the crown - in stead of nobles who would embezzle it (one collection was 11 million marevedis, 1/6 of predicted amount)
    • Numbers increased from 49 to 64, furthering…


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