WJEC Business studies Unit 5 (NOTES)

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Business Studies Unit 5


-Business Ethics 

-Unforeseen Events 


-Chancellor of the Exchequer 

-Public Sector 

-New Technology

-CAD and CAM 

-Pressure Groups 

Legislation/ Rights

-Legislation is all about laws.

-The main laws are competition law, consumer protection laws and employment laws. 

-Employees by law have the right to have a written statement with rates of pay, terms and conditions of the job, notice periods, pensions and any disciplinary procedures. Emploees have the right to join a trade union, to be payed the minimum wage, have redundancy pay and have a pay statement.

They have the right to a safe and decent working environment and should get fair pay for their work. This is part of the basic employment rights.

-Employees cannot be "unfairly dismissed" and they have the right to tak epart in the management of the business in which they work in, under the European laws.

-Employees have responsibilities as well including arriving to work on time, working to the best of their ability, and to not do anything to harm the business. 

-If the law is, or may have been broken then "employment tribunals" sit to decide on whether either side (employer or employee) has broken the law. Employment tribunals can award compensation to the business or the worker but can fine them for bad or illegal work if necessary.

-Equal rights include sex discrimination: men and women should have equal recruitment, training and promotion opportunities; race relationships: any discrimination against colour, ethinicity, marital status, etc is illegal; disability discrimination: employers of 20 or more people cannot discriminate on grouds of disability; and finally age discrimination: employers cannot exclude people from jobs because of their age.

Business Ethics

-Doing the right thing.

-Behaving ethically is what stakeholders concider to be fair and honest.

-Different things have to…




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