Business Studies - Section Seven - Marketing 2

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  • Seven methods - Discounts, Product trials - invite people to try your product, Free gifts, Buy One Get One Free, Competitions, Point-of-sale advertising - Put your product in a special display case at the front of the supermarket, Use of credit -pay now but buy later
  • In direct marketing, the business contacts the potential customer directly without going through other media e.g. Saucy Co. may mail out vouchers for 10p off a bottle of their new Awfully Hot Sauce. The customer is invited to make a direct response
  • An important benefit of direct marketing is that a business can measure its success. If they send out 20,000 vouchers and 4952 people use them at the shops, the promotion has had a success rate of nearly 25%. The problem is that it creates junk mail
  • Businesses sometimes help to pay for events such as sports tournaments, TV shows and exhibitions. In return, it can display its name at…


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