business - recruitent, training and HR

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Wages and salaries: sufficiently high to motivate employees
Industrial relations: effective communication. solve disputes/give suggestions
Training: assessing/fulfilling training needs of workers. linked with future plans.
Health and safety: needs to make sure it complies with laws
Recruitment: attracting/selecting best candidates
Redundancy & dismissal: either the business changes/employee not satisfactory.
must comply with laws.

1. vacancy arises
2. job analysis
3. job description
4. job specification
5. job advertised in appropriate media
6. application forms & short-listing
7. interviews & selection
8. vacancy filled.

- new business starting up
- employee leaves a job
- successful business
- wants to expand

JOB ANALYSIS: identifies & records the responsibilities and tasks relating the the job.

JOB DESCRIPTION: outlines the responsibilities and duties to be carried out by someone employed to do a specific job (focuses on job itself)
job title, department, responsible for/to
main purpose of job
- main/occassional duties

JOB SPECIFICATION: document which outlines the requirements, qualifications, expertise, physical characteristics for a specified job.


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