Business people in business

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People in business

Levels of heirachy

Tall structures

  • greater specialisation
  • greater opportunities for promotion
  • clearly defined roles
  • narrow span of control


  • communication problems are greater
  • slower decision making
  • expensive to run as many layers of management
  • workers may feel over-managed

Flat structures

  • quicker decision making
  • better communication
  • cheaper as fewer levels of heirachy


  • fewer opportunites for promotion
  • fewer opportunities for specialisation
  • wider span of control
  • managers can become overwhelmed

Narrow span of control

  • less opportunity for delegation
  • supervision and control is greater
  • many levels of heirachy
  • greater opportunities for promotion

Wide span of control

  • greater delegation opportunities
  • supervision and control is looser
  • few levels of heirachy
  • fewer opportunites for promotion


Recruitment process

1. a vacancy occurs
2. a job analysis is produced
3. a job description is produced
4. a person specification


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