Business and the environment

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  • Arguments for and against business adopting strategies which are environmentally sound:
  • For:
  • 1. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of environmental issues and there is good evidence that growing numbers of them will support businesses hat adapt 'green' policies. E.g: Body Shop ( Environmentally friendly= Worldwide success)
  • 2.Low-polluting production methods and responsible waste disposable will reduce the chance of breaking laws designed by governments to protect the environment.
  • 3.Potential employees would rather work for a firm that they can take pride in and which adopts policies which reflect their own personal views and standards. This increases the quality and standard of employees wishing to apply to that business= good long term benefit (Motivated work force= increased production and quality levels) 
  • 4.Allows for businesses to save capital in the long run as adopting such 'green' items as solar powered means of electricity will initially required heavy capital investment but will allow businesses to avoid rising prices in fossil fuels (Coal and Oil) and reduce risk of businesses emitting harsh substances into the atmosphere which will entail government penalties usually in the form of fines.
  • Against:
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