Oswald Mosley and the BUF:

- His proposals were dismissed as too impractical or too expensive

- He suggested: greater use of tariffs to raise revenue, the money raised through tariffs to fund pensions and unemployment cover, funded early retirement schemes in industry to free up jobs for younger workers, govt. control of the banks to prevent financial problems arising

- New Party rejected - Mosley was very well received at the 1930 Labour Conference, but in the 1931 election it failed to attract public support - each of the 24 candidates who stood gained an average of only 1,500 votes

- believed parliamentary politics were no longer capable of answering Britain's needs

- 1932 - BUF founded - ultimate aim was the establishment of a corporate state ( govt. to direct running of the economy and society)

- Inspired and impressed by Mussolini's intense nationalism and his hatred of communism

- BUF were racist - hated Jews, blamed them for the depression

- BUF never gained truly popular support, but was capable of causing serious disorder and thus frightening the authorities - illustrated in the Battle


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