Buddhist Teachings

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Buddhist Teachings 

About Buddhas Ascetic Life:

"Realising the practice of such austerities was not the path to Enlightenment he went about gathering alms in villages and townships" - The Jataka. 

About Buddhas Meditation:

"...not until I attain the supreme Enlightenment will I give up this seat of meditation" - Buddha in Jataka 

About The Importance Of The Dhamma:

"To the Buddha for refuge I go, 

To the Dhamma for refuge I go

To the Sangha for refuge I go"

About Dependant Arising:

"All events and incidents in life are so intimately linked with the fate of others that a single person on his or her own cannot even begin to act" -The Dalai Lama 

About Suffering:

"What I teach is suffering and the cessation of suffering" - The Buddha in Majjhima Nikaya

"The truth of suffering is like a disease, the truth of origin is like the cause of the disease, the truth of the cessation is like the cure of the disease, and the truth of the path is like the medicine" - The Visuddhimagga.

"The insight is simply...that there is this suffering without making it personal"-Ajahn Sumedho. 

About Craving: 

"Now this..is the noble truth of the origin of suffering: it is this


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