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These are the people involved with writing and performing music.

Band Member

Performing musician and integral part of the band

May or may not be involved in the writing process

Traditionally a musician, but could equally be a DJ or programmer

Needs to be proficient on their instrument and work well as part of a team

Solo Artist

Usually a singer

Sometimes writes their own material

Needs a distinctive look/charisma

Needs drive, ambition and confidence


Composes the song

Sometimes performs

Musically creative, competent musician

Happy to work alone


Remixer takes elements of a song and combines them with new ideas to create a new song.

Needs a good knowledge of production techniques.

Interest in music technology.


Needs a good knowledge of music technology.

Usually adds a modern, dance-oriented edge to a song.

Similar to a remixer, but doesn’t change the original song as much.


People involved with recording the artist’s music.


Responsible for controlling the overall sound and artistic direction of the recording.

Has to make sure the recording is on time and on budget.

If actively involved with the recording/mixing process they are referred to as the producer/engineer.

Needs to be able to deal with artists, record companies and managers.

Has to get the best performance out of an act.

Needs a thorough knowledge of recording studio and techniques.

Often has to work unsocial hours.


Responsible for the technical side of the recording – usually has no artistic input.

Unless – low-budget, when band will use just an engineer.

Good knowledge of recording equipment and techniques needed.

Often has to work unsocial hours.

Needs to be able to keep calm in stressful situations.

Assistant Engineer

Also referred to as the ‘tape op’.

Helps the engineer, keeps track of mixes, general dogsbody.

Starting job in a studio.

Needs an interest in music technology.

Attentive and efficient.

Needs to work long, unsocial hours.

Studio Manager

Responsible for running the studio and its staff.

Needs to keep the studio functioning efficiently – everything in working order.

Responsible for booking sessions for bands/record companies.

Responsible for the finances of the studio.

Hires session musicians.

Needs to be highly organised and efficient.

Needs to be a good communicator.

Session Musician

Technically competent musician, hired for a track or an album.

Usually paid hourly or per session to play or sing.

Often works with a solo artist who does not have their own band.

Sometimes hired if the band themselves don’t play well enough.

Needs to be able to read music.

Has to be highly proficient on their instrument.

Needs a knowledge of various musical styles and conventions of playing.

Needs to be calm under pressure and a good time-keeper.

Mastering Engineer

After a song has been recorded and mixed into stereo by the engineer and the producer, the final mix is then given to a mastering engineer who usually compresses it (optimizes the loudness) and applies some final EQ (equalisation – treble/bass adjustments).

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