Broken Dreams

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Broken Dreams

  • Yeats tries to write in free verse in this poem
  • He wanted the poem to be an intamate expression of his thoughts
  • Broken - distorned image of Maud G.
  • Poem has a sense or awe and love but always on a element of bitterness
  • The poem is incoherant as it is memories coming back to him
  • Yeats is interested in how the moon influenced life
  • Yeats feels Maud has gone past the perfect formation of the moon, but he still loves her


  • 1) no symbolism or metaphores, a blut way to talk aout the women you love
  • 2) she WAS breathtakingling beautiful, but she obviously still takes his breath away even in old age.
  •  In his mind she didnt change from this youthful and beautiful women in his ideal world
  • 6) Maud Gonne used to go visit people in hospital to comfort and pray with them , this shows what a good person she was.
  • 7)siberlence: how…


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