''British society in 2007 was little changed from what it had been in 1951'' Assess the validity of this view

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Social Synoptic Question: June 2014

Evidence supporting statement

  • Monarchy remained

New Elizabethan Age: New era for Britain (still living through now)

1977 Silver Jubliee

1997 Princess Diana's death: National mouring, ''people's princess''

2002 Golden Jubliee

  • Racial Tensions/Rise of New Ideologies: Far Right Movenments due to increasing racism and increasing unemployment

1950's Oswald Mossley and Fasict Movenment

1950's Pressure groups CND

Monday Club in the Conservatives, reflecting mood of older senior minsters(1960 Wind of Change speech- Macmillian)

1968 Enoch Powell, Rivers of Blood Speech, relating to working classes (Race Relations Act 1965/67)

1993 Murder of Stephen Lawerence: Police Racism (Race Related hate motivated crime)

2000's Rise of UKIP

  • Riots/Strikes

1958 Nottinghill Riots

1966 Seamen and Dockers Strike

1974 1st Miner Strike

1981 Brixton and Toxteth Riots: Socail effects of monterism and police racism

1984 2nd Miners Strike

1990 Poll Tax Riots


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