Britain and Total War

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  • modern war couldn't be fought without government intervention
  • Defence of RealmAct - gave government control of armanments factories - little done to increase output - led to shell shortage
  • To fight a total war government needed -whole population & entire economic resources mobilised - money raised & deployed - labour directed & controlled - output specified & delivered on time. - the financial and economic life of the nation had to be planned
  • Defence of realm act also gave government control of - labour forces & economic resources
  • 'Treasury Agreements - between Lloyd George and Trade unions - not to strike in retutn for garantees on wages and conditions - nions also agreed to relax usual restrictive woeking practices to increase efficiency
  • Britains became 80% self sufficient for food in 1918
  • Mining industry effectively nationalised
  • Government controls issued on wages, employment conditions, profits & prices


  • worked with men on equal terms
  • more financially…


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