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-cholera is a big killer within 3rd world countrys and has killed 120,00 poeple in recent years.

-this is due to its ability to effect the body of the victim in a special way.

-it is a water born disease mainly passsing through the feteas of an infected patient, poeple in third world countys are mainly at riosk due to poor living conditions (shanty towns)

-the disease is a virus which attacks the small intestine this pathogen is called "vibrio cholerae"

how does it work

-cholera works as it has a head and a tail, the tail is ina crok screw shape this helps it swim and attach it self to the lumen of the instentine.

-when the virus is attached the exotoxics then cause the loss of chlorine ions from the blood into the small instetine and prevents the movmnet of soduim ions from the lumen into the blood. this causes watter to flood the small intestine

-this then causes axcess dehydration as water is lost form the blood into the lumen

-as more water floods the small insteine extreme levels of diarrhoea

-itis hard


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Great notes ollie ;)

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