Brandenburg concerto -no.5 D major



This piece Brandenburg concerto -no.5 D major was written in 1721 by J.S Bach in the Barouqe Era.

Some Baroque features are :

Major and minor keys 

Basso Continuo- a chordal accompaniment  ( the harpsichord in this piece)

Polyphonic texture- 2 or more melody lines played at the same time

Terraced dynamics - loud and soft

Concerto grosso - small groups of soloists plus the orchestra

Solo concerto - single solo instuments and the orchestra

Ripieno - orchestra plus basso continuo

Gigue - lively temp useally 6/8


Flute, chello , harpsichord , violin and the double bass


Section A:

D major

Modulates to A major

Modulates to E major

Modulates to A major

Modulates to E major 



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