How was life affected during the war years

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Life during the early years 1939-1941

Changing role of women

During the world war 2, womens role in society changed drastically. They had to work in more skillfull work enviroments such as the facorys,being engineers, carpenters and also farmers because the men were out fighting for their country, which was a massive change as they were used to working in the home or being domestic servants. The change in role did give women a little bit more respect in society.

Propaganda on the home front

During the war propaganda was still very heavily used around to persuaded, propaganda was aimed at germany and itself and also occupied territories. They used it because i t would symbolise heroic realism. Because they were everywhere, they where also very hard to avoid. But it wans't just posters that was used, it was also films, books and also the media used it. During the war it would usually symbolies the women and the work that they were during while the men were out at war.

Life during the latter years1942-1945

Shortages and the black market

Durignt he war there where rations for just about anything, and every member of a family had a ration card. Food was rationed, each person was alloted only so much sugar,gasoline, even shoes. Certain people had to go and collect scrap metal, foil, string and even newspaper, so it could be used to build war items for the soldiers.

The blackmarket 

The black market was a…


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