Bowlby's Theory of Attatchment. (12 mark answer)

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Outline and Evaluate Bowlby's Theory of Attatchment      (12 Marks)

According to Bowlby. Attatchment can be defined as a two-way emotionaly enduring bond between two people. Bowlby claimed the emotional bonds had evolutionary and biological functions. These bonds evolved because a mechanism was needed to keep offspirng close the the parent thus obtaining protection and food ensuring survival. This mechanism then became genetically programmed making it innate. Konrad Lorenz's research on gesling, showed offspring followed the first largest moving object they saw, this is called imprinting. There is a critical period within which the primary bond must be made. Otherwise there will be permanent long term damage. This period is between 4-6 months. The reason for this attatchment being so cruical, is becaue it becomes the internal working model for all future attatchments. The primary bond is made to a particular adult. This is usually…


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